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10 Reasons Why Your Loyalty Program is Lacking in Retaining Your Customers

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Aside from continuously getting new sales, one thing that makes a business grow continuously is the number of repeat customers. This is the main benefit that you’ll get from using retention marketing. One way to effectively keep the interest of your customers is through the use of loyalty program. If your business needs the expertise in creating and implementing such programs, Edenred Singapore Pte Ltd is a company you should trust.

There are different ways to utilize a rewards program. From VIP tiers, points, to referrals, these can all play an important role in
building a stronger relationship with your customers. Though there are some who aren’t completely interested, there are countless customers who are looking for loyalty programs that they can take advantage.

Why Your Loyalty Program is No Longer Keeping Your Customers and What to Do about It

Many brands today use rewards program as their way of effortlessly keeping their customers. On the other hand, there are brands that don’t get the best out of it. Some brands end up giving their customers awful experiences that are deemed unforgettable. Such experiences break the trust of customers not on the program but the brand itself as well.

If you think that your brand is not getting positive outcomes from your loyalty program, then you might want to fix things now
before it’s too late. Below is a list of the 10 reasons why your customers are slowly abandoning your rewards program, and what you can do about it.

1. Annoying Registration Process

The common problem that customers experience is the registration process. Customers want a convenient shopping option and this does not include filling out multiple pages of registration forms.

What you should do s simplify the forms and only ask for important information from customers. Though you need as much information as possible, it will only drive them away. Asking for a few important details will make the registration process fast and easy. Customers may eventually share the experience with others, which in return increases registration for your brand’s program.

2. Confusing Mechanics

Most rewards programs have similar mechanics. However, as you try making it a bit different, it can complicate things and confuse your customers.

Avoid frustrating your customers by keeping the mechanics as is, especially with traditional points programs. Make it easy to understand. Create an explainer page with texts and images will make it easier for customers to understand all the mechanics.

3. Poor User Experience

Give that shoppers are now more interested in enjoying digital experiences, most of them are looking forward to seeing a catchy design with a responsive interface. With this in mind, it makes a program look unimportant when the user interface for
your program is not well thought of. Visual noise, broken links, and ugly design will all affect how customers will react to your program.

You need to meet the expectations of users and you need the help of a rewards program solution expert like Edenred. This will give your program’s page the necessary boot it needs to ensure that it properly branded.

4. Offering Typical Reward Options

There are brands that focus on similar products or prizes that most customers are not interested in redeeming. Just because one specific option works for some doesn’t mean it’ll work for everyone. One kind of reward will bore your customers in the long run and forget about your loyalty program.

The only solution here is to diversify the options. This will make the entire program more interesting knowing that there are different perks that they can get as they continue collecting points to reach for an irresistible reward. You can customize the rewards as much as you want just to keep the interest of customers.

5. Unexpected Frequent Program Changes

Though program maintenance is normal, unexpected and frequent updates on the program can make your program look unstable. Frequent changes will only create misunderstandings especially for those who don’t check on the changes regularly.

Among the solutions that trusted agencies in rewards program like Edenred may give is, allowing changes but continue communication with program members. Changes are inevitable but make sure that you will send notifications to your members about these to avoid making them feel getting caught blindsided.

6. Stale Rewards Offers

Based on the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, a certain thing becomes less valuable as more people get an access to it. With regards to the rewards program, it only means that keeping the same offers, no matter how irresistible they are, members will get bored in the long run. The entire program will only stay exciting if the offers get more valuable every time.

One way to make it exciting is by introducing events when they can gain bonus points. The idea is giving members bonus points at
unexpected events. This doesn’t require a complete restructuring of the program, only an extra reward to boost your program’s value.

7. Lack of Efforts in Engaging Participation from Customers

One reason why members tend to forget that they are enrolled in a certain program is that they are not reminded of it. In the end, they may end up opting out of the program when they see the last reminder of the program after months.

An effective way to keep engaging the members to participate in your loyalty program is to simply remind them. Help them keep track of their progress by sending emails along with unique offers from your brand.

8. Difficulty in Redeeming Rewards

Another problem with a rewards program is the difficulty in redeeming rewards. As they were able to get enrolled easily and collect points, why can’t they have an easy way to get their rewards? This can eventually make your brand look unreliable.

To resolve this., create an easy way for redeeming rewards and ensure quality customer experience. A program provider like Edenred can help you in the process and make sure that your brand can keep its value as a whole.

9. Losing Interest in the Perceived Value

There are times when members will lose track of their progress and lose interest in the perceived value of joining your brand’s rewards program.

The solution is to remind them of their progress and engage them to continue participating to reach their next reward. Everything will become more exciting for the members as they can enjoy more valuable and more tangible rewards with actively participating.

10. Increased Brand Competition

Remember that your brand is not the only one offering a loyalty program. The competition is getting tough and you should keep up with the changes. Given the countless options that members can choose instead of you, it is necessary to always meet whatever they are expecting from your brand.

As members see that your brand is prioritizing the loyalty program, they will be more interested to join and participate. This way, they will stay committed to your brand.

How to Bring Your Customers Back

Some may say that it is a strenuous task in keeping the interest of your customers with your loyalty program. Just by knowing what is taking away their interest, you’ll get to know what flaws you should focus on and how to correct each one. Asking for the services of a reputable agency such as Edenred that is specializing in the loyalty and rewards program solutions will keep your customers’ interest on your offers and continuously commit to your brand.

Don’t wait for the worst to come, get started in rebooting your loyalty program today to further strengthen your customer relationship.

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